A game idea by Seanconnoll

The Setting

An old abandond neighborhood with an old abandond airfield nearby.

The Characters

  • Tom - Smart, young (15), survivor of The Disaster, Jen's twin
  • Jen - Smart, young (15), survivor of The Disaster, Tom's twin
  • July - Mother of Tom and Jen, survivor of The Disaster

​The Plot

After The Disaster (A end of the world as we know it kind of thing) only a few people are still alive. Small communities live in places you would never think people could live. Life sucks, but its what they got... One key word to the game, SURVIVE!

How It Works

You pick one of the three characters (Tom, Jen, July) to play with. July starts off with a broken leg that is healing. Jen starts off with a bloody nose and some computer wires. Tom starts off with a can of beans and three broken toes.

The Platform

Probably PC

Feel free to add anything else.