This Game is based on a book i am writing that i might type up but im still a little hesitant about it

This Game is an rpg styled game with Rpg styeled gameplay

You can either Play Offline with the story or create a character and join others on qeusts in  Online play You can also play offline with your character but its much harder without help.

Main Characters Of Story mode:

Kusari (Ku Sa Rai)







The master 

The Darks

The Lights

In this mode you start out as Kusari the Protagonist.Kusa  starts out as a freelancer but he slowly changes classes throughout the game. The classes are:

Black Katana: Uses Attack magic And some low rank support magic along with a great ability to handle a katana.its Based off of the Black mage and Dark Knight of FF.

White Katana: Strong in supportive magic. Can use low ranked attack spells and are great at using swords.

Mage: Strong in both supportive and attack magic along with special casting.Special  special casting is using monsters to help you in battle who can deal lots of damage and can be used for other tasks.